“Dot Wonders” Reviewed by Helen Jung of the Oregonian

Helen Jung, a reporter and blogger for the Oregonian newspaper in Portland Oregon, was gracious enough to offer a very pleasant review of This is Dot and Dot Wonders. In her review, Helen describes how she and her daughter responded to some of my illustrations.

She writes, “Dot” isn’t your typical children’s book hero, but there’s something about this 8-ball lookalike that just works… For instance, in “This is Dot,” one panel reads that “Dot loves to laugh.” Dot is shown against a background of dizzyingly bright colors arranged in a pattern resembling sound waves with higher and higher crests. You can practically see the laugh play out.”

She adds more on Dot Wonders with, “The drawings themselves make you just want to get out your crayons and color your own pictures.”

That’s pretty much the idea, inspire individual creativity and imagination with colors and shape. Thank you, Helen.

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