The Un-Science Behind Reading With Your Kids

Childcare professionals the world over agree that reading to your kids is a good thing. But the reasons they cite are almost always based on some developmental study loaded with stats on cognitive development, language acquisition, building context for understanding the world, blah, blah. blah. Here are some completely un-scientific reasons to read to your children.

  1. It’s Fun. Simple as that.
  2. It’s nice to snuggle. Who doesn’t love snuggling with their kids?!
  3. You learn stuff about your kid (and yourself). It’s one of the few moments when you have their full attention at a time when they’re not in trouble. You can ask them what they think about the story, the characters, the situation… anything. It’s a great chance to listen to them.
  4. You get to use silly voices. If you’re the least bit theatrical, here’s your chance. Kids love a show and they’ll remember how you made story time fun.
  5. You get to share stories YOU loved as a kid. All the Dr. Seuss and Wild Things you and your kid can handle…
  6. It’s temporary. If you’re fortunate, your tour as a parent will last a lifetime. However, their childhood won’t. So, if you don’t read to them now and often, you’ll miss it and you’ll have to wait for grandchildren… That’s, of course, if they ever visit grumpy old people who didn’t read to their own kids.

So these are just a few reasons you won’t find in any clinical study. Enjoy every page, every question, every giggle. And add your own reasons to read to your little ones. I’d love to hear them.

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