Young Author Spotlight – Travis Keady’s “The Adventures of Jordan the Gorilla” as Reviewed by Zoe

Third-grader, Travis Keady, of William E. Miller Elementary School in Bend, Oregon, published his first book, The Adventures of Jordan the Gorilla, through Nationwide Learning, Inc. with the help of his teacher, Ms. Stampke. Below, Zoe Ansbro offers a peer review of his writing and illustrations.

“Travis, you did a very nice job on your book and I really like it. I think it’s a really nice book. I read it to my little brother the other night.

I liked the character of the monkey. But since it has no tail, it’s called an ape. I liked when he was like, ‘I am strong.’

I think Travis did very good drawings too. I like how he did the design on the front of the book. I like how he drew different suns on each page and when he showed where Jordan lived and how the plane was going to the zoo. And I liked the picture of his butterfly.

I think he used good words and that he should grow up to be a book writer, who writes books.”

So, there you have it. Congratulations, Travis, on your first published work and its well-earned critical acclaim. Keep up the great work!

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