Zoe Liked “My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln”

My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln - by Robert L. Bloch

Mr. Robert L. Bloch was kind enough to share his book, “My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln – A Tale of Two Boys From Indiana,” with Squiggly Line Media for a brief review. And since this fictional tale based on historical accounts of Lincoln’s childhood is intended for readers ages 5 to 8, it seems only fitting that Zoe, our very own 7-year-old Children’s Affairs Correspondent, offer her views on Mr. Bloch’s book.

Zoe’s Comments:

Abe Lincoln was a boy who grew up in a log house and became a president.

I liked the book. I really liked the pictures and how he drew the book. I liked the bright colors in the pictures and how he drew the people and trees. I really wish I could draw like that.

I liked that part about the Indians and when he turned into the president. And I like the part when they gave each other gifts.

I liked when Abe went to school and he was the smartest boy. That was the part I really liked the best.

I’ll simply add that Mr. Bloch and Mr. Ewing seamlessly interweave fact and fiction into this captivating adventure that not only brings a child’s perspective to a well-known figure, but also sends a strong message of the values of hard work and self-education. But more importantly, Zoe really liked it. And that’s what this is all about.

Thank you again, Robert, for sharing such a pleasant tale and we look forward to more from you.

My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln – A Tale of Two Boys From Indiana 
Written by Robert L. Bloch / Illustrations by John W. Ewing
Big Tent Books – ISBN: 9781601310743
Based on historical details, this is a fictional account of the special bond between Abraham Lincoln and his closest childhood friend.

*All books submitted to Squiggly Line Media for review are donated afterwards to local libraries and charitable organizations.  

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