Maggie’s Story – How Would You Tell It?

With tenuous support for his new book and ongoing controversy, many feel that Paul M. Kramer has woefully missed the mark with “Maggie Goes on a Diet.” Regardless of his intentions, the fierce and widespread criticism is a sober reminder that childhood obesity is of increasing concern in the U.S. and not a lighthearted subject to be put to rhyme.

Even more controversial for Mr. Kramer, critics feel that he’s presented a teenage theme to an early reader audience, used an inflammatory word (diet) in the title, and arguably endorsed bowing to peer pressure.

So how should he have presented the story of an overweight young person who makes positive, healthy lifestyle changes for the right reasons? What could he have done to avoid the negative interpretations of his work and instead, generate the positive impact he’d hoped for?

I’d love to hear what you think.

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