Dot’s First Coloring Book!

Check out Squiggly Line Media’s newest addition, COLOR Your Dot!

This ALL-AGES coloring book includes line drawings from Bjorn Ansbro’s first two Dot books (This is Dot and Dot Wonders).

Packed with 32 full-page illustrations for all skill levels, this book includes bonus pages that allow kids to draw and color their own Dot scenarios.

COLOR Your Dot is the result of many requests over the years from teachers and parents looking for ways to share Dot’s expressive spark with their kids.

And if you’re an adult who’s looking for a unique coloring book experience, you’re not alone. We’ve had loads of interest from grown-up “kids” who’ve never lost their love for coloring books.

So whether you’re an inside-the-line or an outside-the-line artist, it’s never too late to help Dot fill these pages with some BRIGHT COLORS.

Feel free to get CREATIVE with those crayons and markers to make Dot’s world all your own! And send us some pictures of your work. We can’t wait to see it!


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