This Is Dot

Awesome book for young readers – 5 Stars – I’ve been a preschool teacher for 10 years and I am always looking for a new book to expand my young students minds. This Is Dot allows me to ask open ended questions and to hear the comprehension and imagination of the children. The sentences are also great for early readers. The words are easily recognizable and encourage a positive reading experience. I love the art and all the colors! – By A. Young –

A beautiful book, perfect for the young ones – 5 Stars – This is such a cool book! My daughter loves this first Dot book so much she has nearly destroyed it by repeated handling with sticky fingers and falling asleep with it (on it). The same is true for the second book in this series, “Dot Wonders”. Ah well, I would rather have them read to smithereens than lie perfect and untouched on the shelf.
Really, this first book is responsible for making us fall in love with Dot. Bjorn Ansbro’s beautifully expressive yet minimalistic illustrations are so engaging and most of all, FUN! My daughter and I constantly refer to the Dot books when discovering and re-discovering our world. These brightly colorful, straightforward books have been our most happy and memorable purchases. – By Shillelagh –

Dot Wonders

Dot Wonders, second in a series, piques preschoolers’ imagination – Review on by Helen Jung

Great books for early readers – 5 Stars – This series of books have been fantastic for both my pre-reader (5) and early reader (6). The graphics are phenomenal to look at and each page leads to a new conversation with my children that spurs them to use their imagination. Highly recommended! – By Jane –

An immediate favorite in our home – 5 Stars – We just LOVE this book. It became an immediate favorite in our home and it looks like we will have to purchase another copy soon as this one is now hopelessly dog-eared and peanut butter smeared (the true hallmarks of a well-loved children’s book)
Bjorn Ansbro has pitch perfect awareness of the items, style and delivery that capture and stimulate a child’s interests and imagination. It is apparent that he is a parent. My daughter loves the illustrations and the suggestions of different paradigms (my word, not hers) like how it must feel to be “soft and squishy” like a slug or skyscraper tall like a giraffe or what it might be like to have dolphin flippers instead of human arms and legs.
This book is FUN! The wondrous conversations and opportunities for discovery that “Dot Wonders” has inspired continues to bless our home. We also own Bjorn Ansbro’s first book in this series, “This Is Dot” and we look forward to his next Dot sequel. There will be more… right? – By Shillelagh –

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