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Why Books Will Stick Around… For the Kids

Kindles and Nooks have clearly generated support from a particular style of reader helping e-books carve a healthy chunk out of the printed word market. And the vast majority of e-books are just that, printed words. But a children’s book … Continue reading

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Maggie’s Story – How Would You Tell It?

With tenuous support for his new book and ongoing controversy, many feel that Paul M. Kramer has woefully missed the mark with “Maggie Goes on a Diet.” Regardless of his intentions, the fierce and widespread criticism is a sober reminder … Continue reading

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Powell’s Takes It Up A Notch!

During September, Powell’s Books offers MEGA prizes in addition to their Daily Dose review and comment incentive program (which “This Is Dot” reviewer won on August 18, 2011). Check out their amped-up MEGA Dose Sweepstakes, leave a comment or suggestion, and … Continue reading

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Zoe Liked “My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln”

Mr. Robert L. Bloch was kind enough to share his book, “My Best Friend, Abe Lincoln – A Tale of Two Boys From Indiana,” with Squiggly Line Media for a brief review. And since this fictional tale based on historical … Continue reading

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Kids Connect With “Dot”

Yet another brilliant idea, wonderfully executed, that I can take no credit for… Some months ago, toward the end of a brief visit from my nephew, he handed me a stack of small hand-cut paper rectangles and said, “These are … Continue reading

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“This Is Dot” Reviewer Wins Powell’s Gift Card!

Check out the Daily Dose on Powell’s Books to see who won a $20 gift card for reviewing This Is Dot. Many thanks, “S,” for the wonderful review. And thank you, Powell’s Books, for your support!

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Drawing the Line – Where Creativity Begins

This is to anyone who’s ever said, “I can’t draw. I can’t even draw a straight line.” The profound secret I will now reveal is this… Straight lines have almost nothing to do with drawing.  Lines are about character, expression, … Continue reading

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