“Dad” Portrait by Zoe

Bjorn Ansbro is a writer and marketing professional enjoying the frenetic early years of fatherhood in Portland, Oregon while actively designing the next in the Dot series of books.

Inspired by mid-century graphic print art and the wonders of childhood, Bjorn designed This is Dot and Dot Wonders as brightly-colored picture books for pre and early readers.

Dot is a simple visual expression of curiosity, fun, adventure, intelligence, and care in a world of bold colors and contrast.

Dot’s design intentionally sidesteps overtly human features, instead focusing on visual style, geometry, and themes held to elemental constraints. The result leaves both illustrations and text open-ended, allowing children to interpret the concepts page by page.

Squiggly Line Media books are printed by Lightning Source and distributed by Ingram Book Company.

All original articles and images displayed within this blog and associated with the “Dot” character and books, including print and electronic formats, are copyrighted by Bjorn Ansbro 2009 – 2019. All rights reserved.

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