This Is Dot – Words and Pictures by Bjorn Ansbro – ISBN 9780984128907

Inspired by mid-century graphic print art, This is Dot is a brightly-colored picture book intended for pre and early readers. Dot is a simple visual expression of curiosity, fun, adventure, intelligence, and care that interweaves abstract and concrete concepts while allowing children to interpret the imagery page by page.


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Dot Wonders – Words and Pictures by Bjorn Ansbro – ISBN 9780984128914

Dot Wonders is about a simple, black dot that wonders how it would feel to be like a variety of interesting animals. For pre-readers and early readers, Dot Wonders presents simple concepts of opposites, animals, and imaginative exploration. Through colorful, open-ended visual scenarios, Dot Wonders is designed to encourage children to express their own thoughts and ideas.


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Color Your Dot! Words and Pictures by Bjorn Ansbro

A coloring book filled with loads of their favorite Dot images and additional pages to make their own brand new Dot adventures.

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The Lights Above – Words by Nicholas KosGei, Pictures by Bjorn Ansbro – ISBN 9780984128945

TLA-Cover-FrontThe Lights Above is based on stories passed down through generations in Africa about a family of light who lives high above the earth and below the stars, watching over and caring for the lands and waters below every day and every night.



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Through the Ganesh Gate– By Melanie Serpa – ISBN 978-0984128952

TTGG-Front CoverThrough the Ganesh Gate follows Maddy Kendrick on her journey of self-discovery. Terrified of flying and in a crumbling marriage, Maddy agrees to go on a trip with her husband to treat both problems. She soon realizes that backpacker travel is no romantic picnic. Faced with the unknown, Maddy feels trapped between her dreams of freedom and her dependence on her husband. She ultimately finds herself on her own, scared and searching for purpose. As she wanders through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos, she collects wisdom from seasoned travelers along the way. Nearing the end of her itinerary and unsure if she’ll ever see her husband again, she receives news that will change her life forever.

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