Kids Connect With “Dot”

Second-Graders creating their own Dot adventures.

Yet another brilliant idea, wonderfully executed, that I can take no credit for…

Some months ago, toward the end of a brief visit from my nephew, he handed me a stack of small hand-cut paper rectangles and said, “These are for you.” While I thumbed through the little masterpieces, he told me his second-grade class made them and his teacher wanted me to have them. Instant man-tears.

Apparently, Travis had taken This Is Dot to school and his teacher decided to encourage each child to create their own pages expressing what Dot likes to do or how Dot feels. Brilliant idea – stunning results. Thus, the very first Dot Creative Event was born.

So, I find myself laboring over designs for a Dot Activity and Coloring book when it’s clear that kids need far less than that to produce far more than I’m capable of… Oh, and it probably doesn’t hurt to have a wonderfully inspired teacher, like Mrs. Gehrig, challenging and encouraging children to express themselves so beautifully.

Thank you, Travis, Mrs. Gehrig, and her second-grade class of thoughtful artists.

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